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Stinger Detox Highlights: Use Stinger Detox to pass a urine drug test. Works in under one hour. Completely undetectable. Good for the NIDA 5: Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines and Opiates (heroin, morphine, etc.)

Stinger Detox Drink is the inexpensive, effective and all natural way to pass a urine drug test. Stinger Detox Drink flushes all drug metabolites from your urinary tract within one hour which ensures that the urine sample you provide is toxin free. If you need a quick & simple method to pass a urine drug test Stinger Detox Drink is the ticket!

Stinger Detox Reviews

Stinger Detox Reviews are 99% favorable in my experience. Here are some of the Stinger Detox Reviews I have found online:

'At 22 bucks I thought the choice of the Stinger Detox was a bit iffy. I mean, my job was on the line and I would pay a few extra bucks to pass my drug test. Curious, I called and asked why. It turns out the Stinger Detox is in a 8 ounce bottle ( not the 16 or 32 ounces of others ) which meant less shipping & manufacturing costs plus Stinger Detox also does not spend millions every year advertising at concerts & festivals. I went with the Stinger Detox and the results were absolutely fabulous. I now use the Stinger Detox on a monthly basis!' --- Jeremy, SanFran, Cali

A major detox supplier had this to say about Stinger Detox:

'I give this product a 5 star rating becasue of the ease of use, the guaranteed effectiveness and the low price. This product will get the job done easier than some of its' more expensive counterparts. I sell a ton of the Stinger Total Body Detox and have had no problems with the success rate!'

Stinger Detox : Does it Work?

Yes, Stinger Detox does work when taken as directed. Stinger detox is also completely undetectable because unlike so-called masking agents Stinger Detox FLUSHES drug metabolites from your urinary tract enabling you to provide a clean urine sample. Works within an hour and is completely undetectable. It's small 8 oz size also makes Stinger Detox easy to carry and store .

Stinger Total Body Detox

The manufacturer says Toxins accumulate in hair, fat cells, saliva, blood and urine. Stinger Total Body Detox gets you clean FAST! Stinger Total Body Detox will help flush unwanted substances from all body parts with 1 hour and leave you ready to test for up to 6 hours or your money back!

Stinger Detox Products

Stinger Detox Products are easy to use.

Avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications for at least 48 hours before your deadline. Do not eat or drink for 4 hours prior to using this product.

Drink the entire bottle 60-90 minutes before you want to be clean. Refill with water and repeat four times. Urinate frequently. Avoid milk and other dairy products. You can expect maximum cleanliness in a about 1 hour.

If you weigh over 230 pounds you will need 2 bottles.

Q. How long will I stay clean?

A. You will stay clean for as long as 5 hours after you finish taking Stinger Total Detox. But your peak clean time will be 60-90 minutes after taking Stinger. Then toxins will seep back into your system from your fat cells.

Q. I weigh more than 230 pounds will Stinger work for me?

A. Yes, you will need 2 bottles.

Q. Is it guaranteed to work?

A. Stinger products will work for over 96% of the people that use them. Most of the time the product does not work is because people do not follow the directions.

Stinger is the FIRST and ONLY Total Detox product, eliminating toxins from ALL major body systems. Whatever you need to cleanse, Stinger will take care of it quickly. Stinger is NOT a "masking agent".

It's small 8 oz size makes it easy to carry and store .